Planning Software & E-Books for Entrepreneurs - "Success is a Good Plan!"

Profit from Your Time at Home & Save Money Now

Use Plan A Internet PlanWorks to plan your economic independence.

Manage your finances - Sell goods or services online - Plan a business

that you know how to manage and grow - Find all the information

that you need to hit the ground running, while working at home.

You can only profit by using the tools in Internet PlanWorks.

And you will save money now!

These software and books that you will find on this site will help you communicate your business concept and measure your business opportunity, in a language that you, your bankers and investors understand. Since 1992 ICBB Inc. has been publishing marketing plan, business plan and financial planning software that was sold directly, in 5,000 retail stores and licensed to many big brand software companies.

The tools provide business strategies, market analysis, competitive analysis; management, marketing and operations plans; sales and profitability forecasts and other Pro forma Financials. You will be guides on smart strategies for Sales, Marketing, and Finance.

Your Internet Marketing Plan, you business plan will all be a complete, professional, custom document including all text and financials – Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet (projected monthly/quarterly for 1 yr, annually for 3 years). It will be yours to communicate your opportunity to banks or other lenders, investors , angels, strategic partners.

Whether or not you need other people’s money to accomplish your business goals, every successful business has a blueprint to build a dream on. 

Our motto is, Success Is A Good Plan, and our mission is to prove that to you. 

(C) ICBB Inc.

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